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Healthy local delicacies

The phrase “Eaten yet?” in Taiwanese was the friendly and caring greeting between the Taiwanese people, this phrase of “Eaten yet?” demonstrates the friendly side of Taiwanese people, while the principle for CookingFun暖心廚房 is also the same, we wish everyone may feel stuffed whether they are family and friends or travelers from around the world, that in the same time of savoring Taiwan’s delicacies, they may also experience the innate hospitality and human touch of the Taiwanese people!

『ご縁キッチン』Connects you to delicacies all the time!

CookingFun暖心廚房 cuisines inherited Taiwanese mothers’ special cuisines, using vegetables and fruits that grow prosperously in Taiwan throughout all seasons go prepare delicious and healthy local delicacies. Our cuisines are not teaching lessons, but rather to chat with friends attending the courses about the ingredients of Taiwanese cuisines, such as how important the fried shallot is to Taiwan’s snack food. Seasoning is the spirit endowing the sweet taste, the origin for braised cuisines, the aromatic sauce, fresh soup, spicy but not salty deliciousness with abundant ingredients of Taiwanese cuisines; CookingFun暖心廚房 shares with travelers worldwide with the mood of sharing local delicacies in order to convey the sincere deliciousness. We have cooking teachers speaking Japanese, English and Chinese to take you on a journey of making the memories of Taiwan’s delicacies for life. If you wish to savor Taiwan’s delicacies, stories and local human touch in order to make unforgettable memories for the journey, you are welcome to make a reservation for CookingFun暖心廚房 courses now!

Voice of the customer

katrina t

An Unforgettable Birthday!!!

小籠包,麻油雞麵線,珍珠奶茶(台灣烹飪課,台灣菜,14:00-16:30 pm)

This was a first experience for my wife and me so I didn’t know what to expect. The food was fantastic and the staff was professional and gave detailed instructions on every dish. To make the experience extra special, they went and got a birthday cake just for me . It was the kindest gesture and I will never forget it! We were only in Taiwan for a few days, but it was one of my favorite places we visited.
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Margie N

Happy cooking lesson with good returns 滿滿足足的烹飪課


The cooking school is spacious and comfortable. Due to Chinese New Year, the market nearby was still closed and I got partly refunded for not able to go for the market visit. I was the only student in the class. I felt so good with full attention without paying the fee of a private class. Vivian, the owner as well as the instructor, was very professional and friendly. I made a full set of Taiwanese meal with Xiao Long Bao (dumpling), Chicken vermicelli with mushroom and sesame oil, tofu salad and a bubble milk tea. Vivian was very thoughtful and with my request, she helped to change the ingredient from pork to chicken meat for my Xiao Long Bao. Vivian taught me the secret in making Xiao Long Bao. The whole set of meal was very good and delicious, and the learning process was very enjoyable. Also, I need to thank Vivian for her kindness in giving me 3 surgical masks, especially under the current Wuhan corona virus situation that I could hardly find any mask available for sale in Taipei. 學校地方很寬躺和整潔, 而且又在捷運站附近, 所以很方便。 因為在農曆新年期間, 附近的街市還未開市, 老闆娘導師 Vivian把一部分的學費退還给我。 另外因我不吃豬肉, 所以她就用雞肉來代替豬肉做小籠包, 也有純素的選擇。 導師教了我一個做小籠包的秘技, 做出來真的很好吃。 除了小籠包外, 還做了豆腐沙拉, 蘑菇和香油雞粉絲,和泡泡奶茶。 上課的日子, 正是武漢爆發期間, 很難在台北買得到一個口罩,就我離開時,老闆娘導師還送了我三個口罩防身, 真的很有人情味。 謝謝!


Great Experience

小籠包,麻油雞麵線,珍珠奶茶(台灣烹飪課,台灣菜,14:00-16:30 pm)可用日語

We spent a four day weekend in Taipei for my wife's Birthday. The cooking class was something we had not done before. The instructors were very knowledgeable, patient and detailed in their instruction. After we made our food we sat and ate together. We did not expect the staff to remember that it was my wife's Birthday and bring in a Birthday cake for her. The staff at CookingFunTaiwan made the entire weekend memorable for us with their small thoughtful act. We will never forget this experience. 100 Thank You's!!!

Tiffany C

A lovely afternoon in an immaculately clean & brand new kitchen with excellent food and amazing instructors!

小籠包,麻油雞麵線,珍珠奶茶。 (台灣烹飪班)

Cooking Fun is a family-run cooking school that has recently opened - and the venue is sparking clean and so very nice! Probably the nicest and cleanest cooking class I’ve ever participated in. You could tell the owner Vivian has put thought and detail into every single aspect of the experience (from individual bowls/tools and stickers to label your food so everyone eats only what they’ve touched, to a nice relaxing bathroom (again - SO CLEAN) with hand lotion). There are 8 individual stations with a demo station at the front, and a lovely dining area to sit afterwards and enjoy your creation. Today we were a class of English-speakers so Jenny was there to guide us and translate for master chef Vivian. It was nice having so much attention as our class was small. This is a hands-on class, not just watching the instructor - so be prepared to engage! When it came time to cooking, everything was thoughtfully portioned and timed. In this class we each made 7 soup dumplings, a local soup similar to hot and sour (which was enough for 2 bowls per person), and boba milk tea. We had some students with dietary restrictions so Vivian and Jenny were able to individually customize recipes to their requirements. The soup dumplings were quite challenging to make, but with the instructors’ expert advice, they all turned out great. They also took lots of photos so we didn’t have to handle our phones with dirty hands, and sent them to us via email. I cannot stress enough how kind and thoughtful they were. At the end we received an adorable certificate with the recipes inside. 10/10 would recommend for both beginners and experts!!!




台湾を訪れる度に色々な料理教室に参加しています。その中でも一番わかりやすく、メニュー設定も自分の希望に「ドンピシャ」なのがCooking Fun Taiwanです。定番の小籠包だけでなく他の人気台湾料理やデザートも習えるので、初めての方はもちろん 料理教室リピーターにも嬉しいです。優しいヴィヴィアン先生と色々なおしゃべりをしながら温かな雰囲気の中で楽しくレッスンできます。今回は「大根餅」「肉団子のとろみスープ」「豆花」のクラスに参加しました。美味しかったです!!また伺います。



小籠包,麻油雞麵線,珍珠奶茶。 (台灣烹飪班)





初めての台湾旅行で、食べ歩きもいいけれどせっかくなら現地の方から料理を習ってみたいと思い申し込みました。 私は現地の言葉は全く話せないのですが、ヴィヴィアン先生と日本語でお話ができ、作り方以外にも台湾のことなどたくさんお話できて楽しかったです! 料理はどれも美味しく出来上がり、帰る時はお腹いっぱいになりました。 とてもフレンドリーな雰囲気が良かったので、また行きたいと感じる体験でした。 ありがとうございました!


Best part of my trip to Taiwan! Definitely would recommend!
My mom, my best friend and I recently visited Taiwan. After a few days of walking around the busy streets and eating street food, we decided we wanted to do something different and book a cooking class. As soon as we got to CookingFun they welcomed us with hot tea and were some of the nicest people we have ever met. We made the best Xiao long bao any of us had ever tasted! My mom who came to watch and take pictures is vegetarian and Vivian took it upon herself to make my mom her own vegetables, vegetarian soup, and scallion pancakes even though she was not signed up for the class, and none of that was included in our visit! Vivian told us what each ingredient was and made sure we were fully aware of how each dish was made. We made a delicious soup, and bubble tea as well! After the class they gave us a bow of fresh fruit and more bubble tea to go! I couldn’t have had a better experience, and I truly would recommend this class to anyone visiting Taiwan!